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Acqiris Japan

Acqiris Japan Corporation has been our strategic partner since its founding in 2006.
Acqiris SA became independent in August 2017 and has tightened this remarkable collaboration ever since.

Led by Ichiro Suganuma, Acqiris Japan provides comprehensive measurement solutions and services to customers requiring high-speed / high-resolution data acquisition. The team is dedicated to enable Japanese customers getting the best from their Acqiris acquisition cards; delivering outstanding support and expertise.

During the last 12 years, our joint efforts have supported the success of more than 100 Japanese companies, universities or research institutions, demonstrating the value of long-term relationships. We especially address OEM customers, and researchers close to OEM customers.

Together, we are doing our best for customers to benefit from Acqiris technology. These achievements in an international market and high-quality culture are foundations for the future growth of our collaboration and customers.

We are looking forward continuing this partnership that benefits to worldwide Acqiris users.


For more information contact or visit


Acqiris Japan Co Ltd.,
Aki Building 201, 4-11-5, Fuda
Tokyo 182-0024
Tel: 042-490-7741


東京都調布市布田4-11-5 明ビル2 階

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