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TOF-MS, SS-OCT, Fiber Optic Sensing, LiDAR, Ultrasound…


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See what you can imagine...

Our Data Acquisition Solutions (DAQ) leverage 25 years of experience in award-winning digitizer technology, ADC cards, and on-board FPGA signal processing.

Our Solution address the needs for best-quality high-speed signal acquisition, for your most demanding industrial, medical or research applications:

  • 8-bit to 14-bit resolution
  • 250 MS/s up to 10 GS/s sampling rate
  • On-board real-time signal processing
Our DAQ Solutions are based on:
  • Reliable and performant Hardware: Configurable PCIe cards and serial modules based on standard, cost effective platform,  addressing waveform capture from DC up to 3 GHz
  • Effective and easy to use Software and Firmware, depending on your application
  • Associated Support and Services

Many of our customers thrive with our industry and research collaboration-proven products, optimized for price/performance or selected Applications. Yet, Acqiris’ core and difference is our unique experience in developing application-specific Solutions and offering OEMs innovative custom products together with reliable support and service during the whole lifecycle of your system.

Tell us about the great innovation you strive to achieve, and we will do our best to become your strategic partner for advanced signal acquisition.

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Anaheim, California 2 June – 6 June 2024 Discover Acqiris innovative Signal Acquisition Solutions for Mass Spectrometry!  Robin Hassell – CEO, Pierre-François Maistre – CTO,  and Fernon Douglas – North America Manager will introduce you to our latest Signal Acquisition…

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Time-of-flight Mass Spectometry

Swept-Source Optical-Coherence-Tomography (SS-OCT)


Swept-Source Optical Coherent Tomography

ultra sound solutions


Non-Destructive Testing


Light Detection And Ranging



Distribute Fiber Optic Sensing



Other solutions


More than a Digitizer

Discover Acqiris Data Acquisition (DAQ) cards or modules from 500 MS/s up to 10 GS/s
and learn why we offer more than Digitizers, with analog output (DAC) capabilities, pulses generation, dedicated signal processing, … 


OEM Partnership

We are dedicated to enhancing our customer’s success with our ability to support them on a daily and long-term basis.

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