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DFOS Applications

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing - DFOS

Distributed Acoustic Sensing - DAS, Distributed Strain and/or Temperature Sensing DSTS / DTS

Monitoring further with precision and speed

DFOS Distributed fiber optic sensing presents unique features that have no match in conventional sensing techniques. The ability to measure temperatures and strain at thousands of points along a single fiber is particularly interesting for the monitoring of large structures such as bridges, pipelines, flow lines, oil wells, dams, dikes or railways.

By detecting changes in the amplitude, frequency and phase of light scattered along a fiber, one can realize a distributed fiber sensor for measuring localized temperature, strain, vibration and birefringence over lengths ranging from meters to one hundred kilometers.

Acqiris has experience in Rayleigh, Brillouin (BDTS) and Raman scatterings in fibers to monitor internal stresses and strains, in DAS or DSTS applications.

High signal quality and Excellent dynamic range​

The amplitude and characteristics of the signal of interest depend on each application. However, accurately capturing the waveform with low noise and low signal distortion is the essence, over the whole bandwidth of the signal of interest.

Continuous acquisition and Real-time processing​

DFOS Systems usually requires the continuous recording of waveforms, during long periods of time, without missing any relevant data, while maintaining the synchronization with other parts of the system. Acqiris solution offers simultaneous acquisition and readout capability with waveform analysis in real-time:

  • Data streaming with duty-cycle close to 100%
  • Accurate triggering and time-stamps (low jitter)
  • Systems running 7d/24h
  • Optional customized real-time processing capability.



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