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SA2 14-bit Data Acquisition Card / DAQ

From 1 GS/s to 8 GS/s, with FPGA signal processing

Very high resolution, unique dynamic range and stable performances over a large bandwidth.


14-bit SA2 DAQ Card, from 1 GS/s to 8 GS/s

The SA2 platform is optimized for challenging high-speed signal acquisition systems and leverages Acqiris’ high-performance 14-bit ADC platform. Performing fast signal acquisitions from 1 GS/s up to 8 GS/s, with excellent signal fidelity across a wide bandwidth, the SA2 product family is specially designed for OEM requirements.

The SA2 14-bit DAQ cards (also named ADC cards or digitizers) implement Acqiris' proprietary ASICs and IPs enabling:

  • A unique low noise and low signal distortion front-end
  • Accurate and precise trigger timing and timestamps thanks to Acqiris' Trigger Time Interpolator with 15 ps RMS precision.
  • Specific clock distribution, minimizing clock jitter (100 fs) and spurious (clock accuracy ±1 ppm)

Two form factors are proposed: SA2 PCIe Card or SA2 Module with serial connection (Thunderbolt and USB-C PCIe).

Key features

  • 1 or 2 channels
  • from 1GS/s up to 8 GS/s
  • 14-bit resolution
  • DC up to 3 GHz bandwidth – (Depending on the sampling rate)
  • Optimized response allows few hundred picoseconds pulse analysis
  • Proprietary low noise front-end
    • DC coupled
    • Multiple full-scale ranges – Depending on version
    • Programmable DC offset (+/- 0.6 x FSR)
    • Excellent and flat SFDR over a large analysis bandwidth
  • Powerful FPGA for real-time processing algorithms
  • Continuous streaming of successive waveforms – PCIe Gen 3 interface
  • Data transfer rate up to 7 GB/s
  • Accurate trigger:
    • proprietary Trigger Time Interpolator (TTI)
    •  selectable trigger source: external trigger signal (Trigger input), input channels, software trigger
    • self trigger capability.

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The SA2 platform offers 2 form factors:
    • PCIe card, occupying a single full-length PCIe slot of the host computer
    • Module with serial connection (Thunderbolt and USB-C PCIe).

Real-time processing in the FPGA

Featuring a large DDR memory for long acquisition time, the hardware also includes a Xilinx FPGA allowing implementation of real-time processing algorithms. This powerful feature allows data reduction to be carried out on-board, minimizing transfer volumes and speeding-up analysis. It also reduce the resources and cost required for the host computer. Depending on your application, the SA2 DAQ Solution includes a digitizer or an applicative firmware. The standard digitizer mode includes:
  • Digitizer initialization and calibration
  • Single record or multi-record acquisition
  • Management of channel triggering for best synchronization
  • Distortion reduction
  • Lower sampling rate (Decimation) down to 15.625 MS/s.
The real-time sampling and averaging option enables synchronous real-time sampling and accumulation up to 8 GS/s on a single-channel. The real-time peak-listing option enables synchronous real-time sampling and accumulation up to 8 GS/s on a single-channel.   The streaming capability, with simultaneous acquisition and readout for successive triggered acquisition (CST) is dedicated to applications requiring no trigger loss, achieving longer recording time when compared with standard digitizer mode. Thanks to the PCIe Gen 3 interface, the card offers maximum data transfer rate to the host computer.


The SA2 hardware allows the synchronization of the system thanks to:
  • 3 programmable IOs
  • 2 analog output (SA220P).
These signals are managed by the FPGA and synchronized with the trigger for the control of other components of your system (e.g. scanner positioning).

Key specifications & Variants

Max. Sampling rate1 GS/s1 GS/s on 2-ch (LSR)
2 GS/s on 2-ch
4 GS/s4 GS/s8 GS/s1 GS/s on 2-ch (LSR)
2 GS/s on 2-ch
4 GS/s
BandwidthDC to 950 MHzDC to 1.2 GHzDC to 2 GHzDC to 2 GHzDC up to 3 GHzDC to 1.2 GHzDC to 2 GHz
Channel (s)1-ch2-ch1-ch2-ch1-ch2-ch1-ch
Memory2 GB (MEA)
4 GB (MEB)
4 GB (MEA)
8 GB (MEB)
4 GB (MEA)
8 GB (MEB)
4 GB (MEA)
8 GB (MEB)
4 GB (MEA)
8 GB (MEB)
4 GB (MEA)
8 GB (MEB)
4 GB (MEA)
8 GB (MEB)
Input Full scale range (Selectable by software)500 mV or 2.5 V
500 mV or 2.5 V
– Default: 500 mV or 2.5 V
– Low voltage version: 500 mV or 1 V
500 mV or 1 V 1 V
500 mV or 2.5 V– Default: 500 mV or 2.5 V
– Low voltage version: 500 mV or 1 V
Form factorPCIe CardPCIe CardPCIe CardPCIe CardPCIe CardSerial ModuleSerial Module
InterfacePCIe gen3PCIe gen3PCIe gen3PCIe gen3PCIe gen3USB-c Thunderbolt 3USB-c Thunderbolt 3
Max. Data transfer rate7 GB/s7 GB/s7 GB/s7 GB/s7 GB/s2 GB/s2 GB/s

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The SA2 DAQ card comes with associated Software Development Kit (Windows or Linux).
It includes a graphical user interface (Soft Front Panel) to capture and display the acquired data in time or frequency domain.

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