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U5303A 12-bit ADC Card

12-bit Signal acquisition from 500 MS/s to 2 GS/s, with real-time processing

The U5303A provides a versatile 12-bit signal acquisition card with programmable on-board processing, making it ideal for biotechnology, semiconductors, and physics. This ADC card, also known as digitizer, captures waveforms on 2 channels, from 500 MS/s to 4 GS/s, depending on the version. Providing excellent measurement accuracy and high dynamic range, the U5303A is particularly suited for OEM applications.


Key features

  • 1 channel with 12-bit resolution up to 4 GS/s sampling rate
  • 2 channels up to 2 GS/s simultaneous sampling rate
  • DC up to 2 GHz bandwidth
  • 50 Ω input impedance, DC coupled
  • Selectable 1 V or 2 V full scale range (FSR)
  • ± 200 fs channel-to-channel skew stability
  • 15 ps RMS trigger time interpolator (TTI) precision
  • 4 GB DDR3 on-board memory

Customer values

  • Fast PCIe 12-bit ADC Card with on-board processing
  • Capture wide bandwidth signals
  • High dynamic range for better measurement fidelity
  • Accurate long-term measurement
  • Custom firmware implementation
  • Capable of switching between multiple firmware programs
  • Reduced development time, fast time to market
  • Self-trigger mode for unequaled synchronous noise reduction

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  • Medical research instrumentation (e.g. OCT) and analytical time-of-flight (MS-TOF)
  • Environmental monitoring with Laser scanning (LiDAR), ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Fiber sensing, e.g. Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) or Distributed strain and temperature sensors (DSTS)
  • Astronomy, physics, …

Block diagram

Real-time processing in the FPGA

Featuring DDR3 acquisition memory up to 4 GB, this digitizer includes a Xilinx FPGA allowing the implementation of custom real-time processing algorithms. The U5303A ADC card provides several firmware options:
  • The digitizer firmware option (-DGT) allows to easily acquire a single waveform or multiple trigger signals, at high trigger rate.
  • The interleaved option (-INT) that allows two channels to be combined to reach 4 GS/s, 3.2 GS/s or 2 GS/s in one channel acquisition mode
  • The real-time sampling and averaging option (-AVG) that performs waveform accumulations at up to 4 GS/s on single-channel and 2 GS/s on dual-channel. It includes features like baseline stabilization, noise suppress accumulation or a self-trigger mode for noise reduction.
  • The simultaneous acquisition and readout option that enables longer acquisition time, allowing to acquire signals while reading out the previously acquired data, either continuously (-CSR) or using triggered multi-records (-TSR)

Key specifications & Variants

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Channel (s)1 or 2-ch1 or 2-ch1 or 2-ch
Max. Sampling rate500 MS/s on 2 channels
1 GS/s on 1 channel (INT)
1 GS/s on 2 channels
2 GS/s on 1 channel (INT)
1.6 GS/s on 2 channels
3.2 GS/s on 1 channel (INT)
BandwidthDC to 400 MHzup to DC to 2.5 GHz (See datasheet for details)
Memoryup to 4 GBup to 4 GBup to 4 GB
Input Full scale range1 V or 2 V
Selectable by SW
1 V or 2 V
Selectable by SW
1 V or 2 V
Selectable by SW
Form factorPCie CardPCie CardPCie Card
InterfacePCie gen2PCie gen2PCie gen2
Max. Data transfer rateStreaming mode not supported2.5 GB/s2.5 GB/s

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