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New SA3 12-bit DAQ Card

From 1.5 GS/s to 6.25 GS/s, with FPGA signal processing

High resolution and new capabilities in a compact card



12-bit SA3 DAQ Card, from 1.5 GS/s to 6.25 GS/s

The SA3 Data Acquisition (DAQ) family provides both high signal performances, flexibility, and a cost-effective solution.
This new generation of 12-bit DAQ card (also named ADC card or digitizer) focuses on offering better signal accuracy, faster data rate, efficient application dedicated processing, lower consumption, and a more compact form factor.
Specially designed to answer OEM's or advanced research needs, the SA3 brings new capability to your analysis, imaging or measurement systems:

  • Increased effective resolution
  • Further or deeper imaging
  • Dual channel capability 
  • Faster waveform capture and measurement result.


Based on the latest ADC technology and Acqiris proprietary IPs enabling, the SA3 DAQ family implements:

  • Innovative low noise and low signal distortion front-end
  • High effective resolution, especially on small signal, thanks to low voltage range inputs fitting the state-of-the-art detectors output
  • Accurate and precise trigger timing and timestamps based on Acqiris' Trigger Time Interpolator with 15 ps RMS precision
  • Additional system synchronization and control capabilities through digital and analog IOs


The architecture of the SA3 allows flexibility and customization capabilities. Contact us for more details!

Key features

  • 1, 2 or 3 channels
  • from 1.5 GS/s up to 6.25 GS/s
  • 12-bit resolution
  • DC up to 2.4 GHz bandwidth – (Depending on the input channel)
  • Optimized response allows few hundred picoseconds pulse analysis
  • New proprietary low noise front-end
    • DC coupled
    • Full-scale ranges of 1.1V, 800mV or 400V – Depending on version and application
    • Programmable DC offset (+/- 0.6 x FSR)
  • Powerful FPGA for real-time processing algorithms and efficient data reduction
  • Continuous streaming of successive waveforms
  • Data transfer rate up to 7 GB/s
  • Accurate trigger:
    • proprietary Trigger Time Interpolator (TTI)
    •  selectable trigger source: external trigger signal (Trigger input), input channels, software trigger
    • self-trigger capability.
  • Application specific mezzanine with dedicated IOs including: Programmable Digital IOs, Analog IOs, Pulse generation capability
  • Single slot PCIe Card

The SA3 platform offers 2 form factors:

    • PCIe card, occupying a single full-length PCIe slot of the host computer
    • Module with serial connection (Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C PCIe) – Planned Q4’2024

Select the document from the list and click on the button to download it.

Real-time processing in the FPGA

A powerful Xilinx FPGA is embedded in the SA3 offering:

  • Real-time processing algorithms
  • Data reduction
  • Minimized transfer volumes and speeding-up analysis
  • Reduced cost required for the host computer.


The large on-board DDR memory with 4 GB (standard) and up to 16 GB, allows longer acquisition time.


Combine with the streaming capabilities it enables continuous acquisition of successive triggered waveforms (simultaneous acquisition and readout).


Depending on your application, the SA3 Solution includes either the standard digitizer/DAQ firmware, or an application-specific one.


Learn more about our AQDAQ SolutionAQOCT Solution for SS-OCT and our AQTOF Solution for TOF mass-spectrometry or spectroscopy.


More than a digitizer!

The SA3 offers new Input and Output (IO) signals which can be used for a tight synchronization and control of other system components:

  • 3 or 4 programmable IOs
  • On the 3-channel version: 2 analog outputs and 2 analog inputs typically used for scanner driving and control in SS-OCT application.
  • On the 2-channel version: up to 3 pulse signal generators, with user-defined parameters e.g. pulse duration, delay & period.

These signals are managed by the FPGA and synchronized with the trigger for the control of other components of your system (e.g. scanner positioning).

Key specifications & Variants

SA310PSA322PSA331PSA331P (in 2-ch mode)
Channel (s)1-ch2-ch3-ch2-ch
Max. Sampling rateup to 6.25 GS/sup to 3.125 GS/sup to 1.5625 GS/s on ch1
up to 1.5625 GS/s on ch2
up to 3.125 GS/s on ch3
up to 3.125 GS/s
BandwidthDC to 2.4 GHzDC to 1.4 GHz (ch1)
DC to 2.4 GHz (ch2)
DC to 1.4 GHz (ch1 & 2)
DC to 2.4 GHz (ch3)
DC to 1.4 GHz (ch1)
DC to 2.4 GHz (ch3)
Memory – depending on solutionUp to 16 MBUp to 16 MBUp to 16 MBUp to 16 MB
Input Full scale range1.1 V400 mV (ch1)
1.1V (ch2)
800 mV (ch1 & 2)
1.1V (ch 3)
800 mV (ch1)
1.1V (ch 3)
Form factorPCIe CardPCIe CardPCIe CardPCIe Card

Select the card or module on the list to download the Datasheet.:


The SA3 DAQ card comes with associated Software Development Kit (Windows or Linux).

It includes the drivers, development tools code examples and documentation required for the integration of the card in your system.

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