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LiDAR Application

Light Detection And Ranging

Topography, Wind and atmospheric measurements, Metrology, ...

LiDAR, or Light Detection And Ranging, is a remote sensing and geospatial measurement method. A pulsed laser source emits light at surrounding objects in a scanning fashion. These signals are backscattered, then captured by a detector, and computed by a DAQ solution to determine the position and characteristics of the object (such as velocity or density).

LiDAR systems typically rely on “time-of-flight” (ToF) measurements: the time it takes for a laser signal to reach and return from an object, either in a discrete form (measuring peaks) or with full waveform measurements (capturing more information).

Acqiris is a global leader in ToF applications, its core business, and we partner with our customers to lead LiDAR applications where precision and fast acquisition are critical. We support your acquisition needs for all industrial applications, notably:
Topography, bathymetry, and corridor mapping

  • Wind movement (Doppler) LiDAR for aviation weather/turbulences and wind energy turbines
  • Industry 4.0 metrology (construction, digital twins, and smart factories)
  • Scientific applications (e.g., atmospheric measurements, …)

Pixel precision​

Acqiris delivers the superior signal-to-noise ratio and the high dynamic range required for state-of-the-art LIDAR systems.

Speed to measurement​

Acqiris’ unique data acquisition solutions include advanced on-board real-time processing (back-to-back FFT, sliced FFT averaging) for monitoring applications requiring continuous data processing and streaming or high-speed signal preprocessing.



OEM Partnership

We are dedicated to enhancing our customer’s success with our ability to support them on a daily and long-term basis.

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