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AQDAQ: Acqiris Data Acquisition Solution

DFOS, LiDAR, Ultrasound, Spectroscopy ...

Covering application need for digitizer and raw data acquisition

Acqiris Data Acquisition Solution (AQDAQ) addresses raw data acquisition, streaming and usual digitizer features requirements

The AQDAQ Solution is typically implemented in following applications:

  • Optic Fiber Sensing Systems
  • LiDAR and laser applications
  • Non-Destructive Test, Ultrasound
  • Spectroscopy, Physics measurements
  • Frequency domain applications, and more.

The AQDAQ Solution package contains:

  • An ADC acquisition card/module (digitizer): Two different form factors are available (PCIe card or Serial module) depending on your mechanical and environmental constraints.
  • The DAQ Firmware handles the real-time acquisition, signal optimization and streaming to the host.
  • The Associated Software Suite: device drivers and the SW tools required to install, operate, and maintain the AQDAQ solution within your instrument.


For easy integration in your system, Acqiris proposes a Development Package. It contains all the required software components, programming examples, SW tools (Software Development Kit), and allocated support for integrating and qualifying the ADC card/module into your system and environment.

Lastly, Acqiris supports customizations, such as implementing your IP in the FPGA for specific signal pre-processing. Contact us for more details.

Digitizer mode

The AQDAQ firmware allows standard data acquisition, including:

  • Digitizer initialization
  • Acquisition setup
  • Management of channel triggering for best synchronization
  • Distortion reduction
  • Data storage in the internal memory
  • Data transfer to the host computer memory or GPU.


Key functions

  • Single shot or multi-record capability: it allows long-waveform record (up to maximum board memory) or the capture of successive triggered events, supporting burst modes or continuous mode.
  • Effective and flexible triggering:
    • Support of high trigger rates
    • Possibility to apply a pre- or post-trigger delay to the trigger position
    • Very fast trigger rearm time to achieve low dead time. 
  • Reduced sampling rate: the binary decimation can be used to reduce the amount of data, lowering the sample rate by a factor of 2, 4, 8 or more.

Data Streaming &
Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout

Many applications require continuous signal acquisitions without missing any event, sometimes for several hours, days or weeks. 

Acqiris Continuous Streaming with Triggers (CST) mode, allows to perform simultaneously: 

  • The acquisition of successive triggered waveforms continuously
  • The real-time processing of the waveforms when required
  • The readout of previously acquired and processed records
  • Possibility to transfer the data directly to the GPU (RDMA to GPU).

The CST mode allows longer acquisition duration, and is especially dedicated to applications requiring no trigger loss.

Benefitting from the PCIe Gen 3 interface, our AQDAQ Solution sustains data transfer to the host at up to 6.5 – 7 GB/s.

OEM Partnership

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