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Acqiris SA is a leading global solution provider for high-speed signal acquisition and processing for worldwide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Research Laboratories. Acqiris is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with local contacts in China, US, UK and Japan.

For more than 25 years, we have developed digitizers and processing technologies in the fields of Mass Spectrometry (MS-TOF), Medical/industrial imaging, Swept-Source Optical Coherent Tomography (SS-OCT, A-OCT), LiDAR, Fiber optic sensing (DFOS, DSTS, DAS, …), Electronic manufacturing, Ultrasounds, Non-Destructive Test (NDT), and experimental research.

Very high-speed signal acquisition is our specialty, we deliver products with best Technology and efficient Software integration tools. We focus on providing innovative and flexible Solutions which include: Hardware devices based on Data Acquisition Cards and Modules, applicative Software/Firmware packages and dedicated technical support and services.

We are dedicated to enhancing our customer’s products by offering reliable and stable products while supporting their need for customization. We have long experience working with OEMs from the earliest stages of their product/project conception to volume manufacturing and through their product’s life cycle. Acqiris also partners with Universities or Research Institutes to accompany forthcoming innovations.


Be the leader in very high frequency data acquisition systems for markets using mass-spectrometry (MS-TOF), optical coherence tomography (OCT) and distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS), with the most effective solutions. To be the market leader for OEM, with

  • the most efficient signal acquisition and processing solutions
  • a partnership focused on know-how and innovation,
  • recognized expertise and quality.


Contribute to the understanding of the physical world, by the conversion and processing of extremely small and fast analog signals into relevant digital data.

Be an innovative partner of the electronic measurement, analysis, imaging and diagnosis instrument manufacturers, enabling our customers to use these signals with high reliability and efficiency.


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Acqiris Locations

Headquarter Acqiris SA

Chemin des Aulx 12
1228 Plan-les-Ouates,

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Local Contacts


V07, 47th Floor
Onelink International Centre, No.230
Tianhe District,
510000 Guangzhou


United States


United Kingdom


Acqiris Japan Co Ltd, 
Aki Building 201, 4-11-5, Fuda
Tokyo, Japan

OEM focused

Acqiris is the sole company focused on providing OEMs with a complete signal acquisition technologies and solutions portfolio.

OEM's Partnership

Acqiris aims at being a strong strategic partner in developing, manufacturing, and supporting dedicated signal acquisition solutions and future enhancements or specific developments. We assist you from the earliest stages of your project and throughout your product’s life cycle. We put our technical expertise to the service of your unique application.

Design phase

Because each OEM project is unique, listening and understanding your constraints guarantees that the technical solution we develop fits your actual needs and is driven by innovation.

To ensure efficient integration and to shorten time-to-market,  you can expect a regular support (e.g. remote sessions) and a direct access to our R&D experts in data application in your application field when required.

Production phase and volume manufacturing

We provide the insurance of continued supply for volume manufacturing (possibility to carry buffer stock and supply with short lead-time).

Our focus is on making highly reliable products following extensive qualification tests: our latest hardware comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

In addition, we propose variable price point for volume and manufacturing.

Maintenance and end of product life

We aim at being a dependable partner to minimize risk during your product’s life cycle.

For instance, we provide full visibility about our product’s own life cycle and accompany you during product transition, while maintaining compatibility for previous-generation products.

To help maintain your system, we offer pro-active follow-up and focus on upgradability and re-usability.

acqiris next generation

Since 1998

Our original name combines Acquire and Iris, and we aim to enable you to “see” what has not been seen before.

Acqiris benefits from a 25-year long history and expertise. Acqiris has been acquired by Agilent (2006) – Keysight Technologies (2014).

Since 2017, Acqiris has become a privately held company with a significant shareholding by employees. 

Being independent allows us to be more agile and flexible to answer our customers' unique needs.

Legacy and Innovation

Acqiris is born in Geneva

Acqiris is founded in 1998 by former LeCroy’s employees with a strong background in high-speed signal measurement and who have closely collaborated with the CERN, as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) started. Acqiris aimed at developing efficient and compact solutions to address emerging needs for signal acquisition for both OEMs – with PCI products –, and Research Laboratories requirements - with high-speed multichannel synchronizer systems cPCI instruments.

1st PCI digitizers

Acqiris released the first PCI and World’s fastest digitizers up to 1 GS/s based on proprietary integrated circuits (ASICs) and board design, enabling unique signal performance and signal quality as well as size and power optimization. The DP105 and DP110 digitizer family answers OEM needs to replace scopes with a more compact, integration-friendly format at lower cost.

1st Mass-spectrometry dedicated products

Since higher sampling rates required more data processing, Acqiris developed real-time processing on FPGA to efficiently reduce the volume of data to be processed by the host computer. Starting with the AP240, Acqiris products include on-board real-time averaging and peak detection dedicated to mass-spectrometry time-of-flight (MS-TOF) -Example of use of Acqiris in MALDI-TOF.

1st 12-bit PCI product

In 2003, Acqiris has introduced a new family of PCI 12-bit ADC digitizer cards featuring a high level of throughput. The DP310 has a sampling rate of up to 400 MS/s, while the DP306 and DP308 sample at up to 100 and 200 MS/s, respectively.

A complete product line

Acqiris developed the DP then DC digitizer families, capturing waveforms at up to 8 GS/s and analyzing fast pulses < 1ns. Maximizing bus interface speed, Acqiris introduced “Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout,” a breakthrough feature that allows continuous acquisition without missing any trigger.

Acqiris technology
Application Specific Products

Acqiris developed new application-dedicated products such as the AP101/201 family, which addressed the requirements of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) systems. Acqiris PCI products were integrated into tripods or airborne LiDAR systems, the DP105 used in airport civil Radar by Raytheon (plane positioning), while Acqiris PXI products were embedded into semiconductor manufacturing and test systems. Acqiris is also used for Astrophysics measurements and Nasa also chooses Acqiris.


Agilent Technologies takes over Acqiris

Acqiris joins Agilent Technologies and continues to operate as part of the electronic measurement portfolio, addressing the OEM and Test and Measurements business to meet the ongoing demand for in-product test and embedded data conversion, accelerating time-to-market and reducing cost.

Quantum computing
Quantum Computing

Acqiris is used in Quantum Computing (See ETH Reference).

1st SS-OCT DAQ solution

With the emergence of Swept-Source OCT, Acqiris developed DAQ solutions that answer the needs of these new medical imaging systems to capture high-frequency laser signals with high scanning rates. With dedicated software and a flexible onboard FPGA processing engine, Acqiris’ solution optimizes the SS-OCT system by enhancing image clarity and quality.

Keysight Technologies

In September 2013, Agilent announced its electronic measurement business's spin-off. In 2014, Keysight Technologies began operations focusing 100% on the electronic measurement industry. Acqiris’ team became the Digitizer group inside Keysight, and joined the developed frequency domain solutions addressing the telecommunications and spectrum analyzers market.

Open FPGA for custom processing

The Firmware Development Kit offers a full design environment and associated software tools. It allows users to implement their custom signal processing in the digitizer FPGA, reducing the amount of data transferred to the host machine and enabling real-time signal processing.

Acqiris independent again

On August 1st, 2017, under the drive from employees and a group of 3 entrepreneurs, Keysight Technologies PCIe Digitizer group in Geneva, Switzerland, started as a new independent company and returned to the name Acqiris, leveraging the company's success story with a new business model focusing on signal acquisition solutions dedicated to OEMs and open to new Applications markets.

First 14-bit family

Acqiris SA2 platform has been specially designed to provide low noise and high signal accuracy with quality, reliability, and stable performance, improving the resolution for high sampling rates. For instance the SA2 is used in challenging TOF-MS applications.

8-bit DAQ reinvented

With the release of the SA1 family, Acqiris addresses the OEM’s needs for a compact, low-consumption, and cost-effective solution.

Acqiris team
Acqiris Today

Our solutions are integrated by many OEMs worldwide, and we continue to support them with the best possible service. Acqiris has pioneered many breakthroughs in the data acquisition and processing field for the last 25 years and looks forward to maintaining leadership in data acquisition solutions.

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