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Industrial non-destructive tests (NDT), SAM, medical imaging

Ultrasound signal processing is used in many applications such as Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM), other industrial non-destructive tests (NDT), or medical imaging.

SAM is a cutting-edge technology for non-destructive material characterization. SAM utilizes high-frequency ultrasound waves to examine materials' internal structures and properties, including metals, composites, and semiconductors.

This non-destructive measurement technique provides invaluable insights into material quality, integrity, and potential defects without causing any harm or alteration to the tested specimen. SAM is widely employed in electronics, aerospace, and materials science industries to assess the structural integrity, bonding quality, and performance of components, enabling companies to ensure product reliability and safety while optimizing manufacturing processes.

Accurate data acquisition is key to ensuring that the acoustic signals produced have the resolution to distinguish small features and defects within the material. This is crucial for identifying and characterizing microstructures and subtle variations in material properties and obtaining artifact-free results.


Accurate waveforms​

To accurately capture ultrasounds, Acqiris proposes solutions to capture ultrasounds signals at ~100 MHz, 500 MHz and above with sampling rates from 250 MS/s and up to 8 GS/s.

Fast measurements​

With the real-time processing and streaming capabilities, Acqiris solutions allows your ultrasounds systems to tests more products in less time.



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