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Acqiris Software Package

Easy Software Integration in your environment

All our Data Acquisition Solutions comes with a Software Development Package depending on your application.

This Package aims at making easier and faster the integration in your system. It includes:

  • Driver
  • API
  • Code examples
  • Graphical User Interface
  • User documentation and guidelines

Our software supports both Windows or Linux, and works in the most popular development environments (ADE): VisualStudio (VB.NET, C#, C/C++), any ADE supporting C or .NET APIs, LabVIEW, MATLAB…

Lastly, our experts can support you during the integration phase, to help you get the best from our Solutions.

Software Development Package​

All Acqiris DAQ Solutions include the <strong>Soft Front Panel (SFP)</strong> graphical user interface.

This user friendly “scope like” interface can capture and display the acquired waveform in time domain or frequency domain. It is a convenient tool to explore the SA3 main capabilities or as a debugging tool during the development phase.

Key features

  • Card calibration
  • Start and stop acquisition
  • Full-scale range and offset setup
  • Trigger mode and parameters selection
  • Display on one or several channels in time domain
  • On board Real-time processing e.g.  Averaging or Peak detection (depending on the Solution)
  • FFT and spectrum display
  • Possibility to save/reload settings and export recorded signals

Associated Technologies

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