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Swept-Source OCT Solution

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A-scan rate from 100 kHz to 2 MHz

Since 2014, Acqiris has developed data acquisition hardware (digitizers) and software for medical and industrial systems based on Swept-Source Optical-Coherence-Tomography (SS-OCT).

Acqiris AQOCT is a Data AcQuisition (DAQ) Solution dedicated to SS-OCT applications offering:

  • High image resolution for an optimal contrast
  • Fast sampling rate to achieve a larger imaging depth range (SW programmable imaging depth)
  • Digital real-time K-space re-mapping approach for artifacts-free images
  • X-Y embedded Galvo scanner control for more compact and tightly synchronized systems
  • Support of high laser source sweep rate for faster images
  • Engineering service for support and customization.

Based on high-speed DAQ cards/modules and a complete and flexible real-time OCT engine embedded in the FPGA, the AQOCT solution allows the acquisition and processing of both OCT and K-clock signals, delivering fast and accurate OCT images.

Acqiris AQOCT Solution package includes:

  • DAQ card or module (with PCIe form factor or an enclosure with USB-c Thundrbolt l interface)
  • OCT applicative Firmware for real-time processing in the FPGA
  • Associated Software Suite: device drivers and the SW tools required to install, operate, and maintain the AQOCT solution within your system.

Besides, Acqiris proposes a Software Development Kit to make integration easier within your specific system environment. It contains all the required SW components, programming examples, a dedicated graphical user interface and allocated support.

AQOCT Solution Overview​

Key features

  • A-scan rate: from 100 kHz to 2 MHz
  • K-clock digital remapping
  • Resolution from 8-bit to 14-bit ADC, enabling better contrast
  • High Signal-Noise Ratio (SNR) for improved sensitivity
  • Deeper analysis thanks to a high sampling rate of up to 4GS/s
  • Programmable analysis depth

OCT engine

  • OCT signal processing in the FPGA
  • Flexible real-time processing
  • Up and down sweep support
  • Support of custom processing

Image quality and clarity

  • Dynamic K-space re-mapping approach
  • Exclusive proprietary ICs and IPs enabling excellent signal performances, image details, depth, contrast, and acquisition speed
  • Unique real-time internal trigger time interpolator enabling a high trigger resolution and a precise and accurate phase measurement

Acqiris'Solution improve the final image clarity and quality, optimizing your complete SS-OCT system.


K-space re-mapping approach​

Minimizing artifacts & simplifying design

With the K-space re-mapping approach, both OCT-signal and K-clock waveforms are sampled by an independent low-jitter and stable fast clock synthesized on the ADC card.

Digital K-space remapping process:
  • Extraction of the K-clock signal phase
  • Re-mapping of the digitized OCT signal in K-space, based on the K-clock phase.
  • Digital fractional re-sampler

Advantages of K-clock re-mapping vs. "traditional" direct clocking:

  • No need for a dummy clock
  • Minimizing artifacts: No artifacts coming from direct ADC clocking with variable frequency clocks and temperature induced effects
  • Configurable analysis depth
  • Support of higher A-scan rate
  • ADC sampling rate constant and independent from K-clock frequency (K-clock range 100-900 MHz)
  • Light source flexibility (less dependency on matching k-clock frequency)
  • Full flexibility and control: For example, the possibility to digitally compensate the optical path difference between K-clock and OCT-signal

OCT engine and flexible real-time signal processing​

The OCT processing steps are implemented in the module’s FPGA:

  • Programmable FIR on both channels
  • Fractional re-sampler for K-space remapping
  • Background subtraction
  • Programmable Windowing/Dispersion compensation
  • FFT with complex/magnitude/phase output
  • Adjacent A-scans averaging

You can choose to perform all or only part of the processing steps, depending on your application, your existing software components and your own experience.

Phase-sensitive applications are supported: phase and magnitude can be red simultaneously.

Quick and Easy Integration​

AQOCT Development Package
  • C++ API dedicated to SS-OCT allows the control of all programmable features of the DAQ card and the dedicated real time OCT processing
  • Project and example for C++ compatible with Visual
  • Dedicated OCT Graphical User Interface
  • Support and remote sessions to fasten the setup of your system.
Integrated Scanner control

Acqiris DAQ solution offers the possibility to control the scanner/galvo X,Y positioning without the need of external electronics.

The analog outputs allow for synchronization of the scanner, the OCT-source laser, and the OCT processing. A control signal can be configurated, enabling XY sweeps and galvo positioning (predefined or custom patterns can be generated).

Download the Acqiris Solution description for more details:

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