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Acqiris empowers young learners in Cameroun by supporting their training on information and communication technologies

In 2018, Acqiris engaged with two organizations acting for the social integration of young people in Cameroon: Jeunesse Active pour le Développement du Cameroun (JADC) and Village Suisse ONG (ECOSOC-ONU). Acqiris contributed by donating computers and IT material.

More about these organizations:

  • JADC’s initiative aims to teach young people to use a computer and train them in office automation, secretarial techniques, computer science and programming. At the end of the training the association wants to offer to each participant a computer to allow them to settle on their own.


  • One of the projects of Village Suisse ONG (ECOSOC-ONU) aims at helping the young people in Cameroon and other African schools around the world, and in particular two schools, one located in the city of Douala in Cameroon and another and another in Gabon area, to access the use of new information and communication technologies. Teachers will be able to teach students how to use a computer and how to use computers to communicate, educate and learn.


Acqiris is committed to grow global cooperation among people. We believe that the education and training of every young people is essential toward a better future.

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