Acqiris empowers young learners in Cameroun by supporting their training on information and communication technologies

In 2018, Acqiris engaged with two organizations acting for the social integration of young people in Cameroon: Jeunesse Active pour le Développement du Cameroun (JADC) and Village Suisse ONG (ECOSOC-ONU). Acqiris contributed by donating computers and IT material. More about these organizations: JADC’s initiative aims to teach young people to use a computer and train them [...]

Meet us at Photonics West 2019

San Francisco, California, USA, 2 - 7 February 2019 Robin Hassell, Acqiris Vice President, Sales & Business Development, and Giovanni Lucia, R&D Application Architect, will introduce you our solutions for Swept-Source OCT (SS-OCT) applications and the first 14-bit platform of signal acquisition components (ADC cards) specially designed for OEM applications.   Robin Hassell’s contact details: US Cell +1 [...]

Meet Acqiris Japan Team

Acqiris Japan Corporation has been our strategic partner since its founding in 2006. Acqiris SA became independent in August 2017 and has tightened this remarkable collaboration ever since. Led by Ichiro Suganuma, Acqiris Japan provides comprehensive measurement solutions and services to customers requiring high-speed / high-resolution data acquisition. The team is dedicated to enable Japanese customers [...]

New solutions for data acquisition in LIDAR Systems

Acqiris in LIDAR Systems   The signal fidelity is one of the key challenge when conceiving a new LIDAR system. For monitoring applications requiring high dynamic range and data throughput, Acqiris provides data acquisition solutions.   Our ADC cards are used in LIDAR systems, especially for the following applications: Industrial measurement such as product line monitoring, [...]

August 1st is National Day in Switzerland and is also Acqiris’s anniversary!

Originally formed in February 1998, the Acqiris team celebrates 20 years of experience and first-class expertise in signal data acquisition. This recognized leadership, acknowledged by the original success of the company and later its acquisition by Agilent (2006) and Keysight Technologies (2014), has established Acqiris as an eminent player in its market. Acqiris was reborn as [...]

The FAE (swiss Business Assistance Foundation) supports Acqiris

The FAE, Fondation d’Aide aux Entreprises (Swiss Business Assistance Foundation) has just published its yearly report, available here (French) – See article about Acqiris on page 11. Acqiris SA is one of the 67 companies supported by the foundation in 2017. Contacted by Acqiris founders in July 2017, the foundation agreed to support Acqiris SA and endorses an investment with a bank (BCGE) of the order of one [...]

Connect with the Acqiris Team at ASMS 2018, San Diego, USA, June 3 – 7, 2018

Meet both Acqiris Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Robin Hassell and Acqiris Manager of R&D Product Development, Pierre-François Maistre at ASMS. Discover behind closed doors the latest optimal ADC card developments and signal acquisition processing techniques for mass spectrometry. For more information about ASMS exhibition:   Robin Hassell’s contact details: Europe Mobile +41 78 [...]

Acqiris SA becomes Sole Provider of PCIe-based Digitizers formerly sold by Keysight Technologies

GENEVA, Switzerland, August 1, 2017 – Acqiris SA today announced it has become the sole provider of Keysight Technology’s PCIe-based digitizer for OEM business. PCIe-based digitizers are used as embedded OEM components in industries such as life sciences, imaging, and environmental monitoring. Acqiris worked with Keysight to acquire their PCIe-based digitizers and will own all aspects [...]

More News about SS-OCT (2/2)

Swept laser source non-linearity and k-clock instability compensation Swept source OCT lasers are non-linear. This non-linearity must be compensated to improve both resolution and sensitivity. Non-linearity correction can be done in two ways: Direct ADC clocking: the ADC capturing the OCT interference is clocked directly with a clock signal that contains the information of the laser [...]

Embedding custom real-time processing in a multi-gigasample high-speed digitizer

Real-time data processing after analog-to-digital conversion at multi-gigasamples per second on digitized data can’t be performed on a host computer as the backplane is not fast enough to extract the samples at full speed. In addition, a modern multi-processor workstation can’t perform real-time operations at such rates. Hence, an FPGA with enough available resources for customization [...]

More News about SS-OCT (1/2)

Following the announcement of our Swept Source OCT option now available on the U5303A high-speed data acquisition PCIe card , more news about SS-OCT: System architecture The SS-OCT system includes a swept source laser, a balanced optical receiver, and a fast and high-resolution data acquisition card (i.e. DAQ or ADC card) that captures the raw OCT signal. As illustrated in [...]

Industry’s Only 10 GS/s, DC Coupled, 10-bit PCIe High-Speed Digitizer

Unique Digitizer Combines High Performance in a Very Small Form Factor Key Features: -New 10 GS/s high-speed digitizer -10-bit resolution, DC up to 2.5 GHz bandwidth, very small form factor -Ideal for applications requiring a high sampling rate and a large bandwidth, such as medical research, MS-TOF, LiDAR, NDT and DSTS Our High-Speed Digitizers Team launched the U5310A [...]

Enhanced Fast Fourier Transform Application on 12-bit High-Speed Data Acquisition PCIe Card

DC  up to 1.4 GHz Bandwidth and Resolution of 97 kHz per Spectrum Line Key Features: -New fast Fourier transform (FFT) application option now available on the 12-bit high-speed data acquisition PCIe® card -Highly improved fixed point arithmetic that eliminates deteriorating effects -Targeting applications in astronomy, physics and environmental measurements using FFT spectrometer Our High-Speed Digitizers Team introduces [...]

Faster SS-OCT Options for 12-bit High-Speed Data Acquisition PCIe Card

Continuously Acquiring Up to 200 kHz A-Scan Rate While Maximizing Superior Image Resolution, Performance Key Features: -New swept source optical coherence tomography options now support up to 1 GS/s on the 12-bit high-speed data acquisition PCIe card -Faster image acquisition up to 200 kHz A-scan rate, continuously -Targeting applications in various non-invasive medical imaging Our High-speed [...]

U5309A 8 channels PCIe Digitizer selected for the 2015 ECN IMPACT Awards

U5309A 8-bit 8 channels PCIe high-speed digitizer with on-board signal processing has been selected as one of the finalists for the prestigious ECN IMPACT Awards that recognizes and celebrates the top products and services of 2014 in the electronic components industry. This competition seeks to honor the best and most innovative in the design engineering world. [...]

Introduction of Continuous Acquisition Stream Capability for PCIe Digitizers

Our High-Speed Digitizers Team announces the introduction of New Streaming Capapbility for its U5303A 12-bit and U5309A 8-bit ADC Cards. The U5303A and U5309A ADC card option CSR allows engineers to perform acquisition and readout simultaneously and in a continuous way. They can use several mechanisms to adapt the acquisition data rate to the targeted application. [...]

U5309A 8-bit 8 channels PCIe high-speed digitizer selected as a Golden Mousetrap Winner

Keysight today announced that the U5309A 8-bit 8 channels PCIe high-speed digitizer with on-board signal processing has been selected as a Golden Mousetrap Winner in the category Electronic Test & Measurement. The Awards celebrate the companies, products, and people who are energizing North American design, engineering, and manufacturing. The Golden Mousetrap Awards were announced at the [...]

12-bit High-Speed PCIe ADC Card Available with Optical Coherence Tomography Technology

Our High-Speed Digitizers Team announces that the U5303A high-speed data acquisition 12-bit PCIe® card, in collaboration with YellowSys, a provider of IP processing firmware and software is now available with an option dedicated to the optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology. This data acquisition solution uses signal re-sampling which provides on-board enhancement of the range analysis and [...]