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More News about SS-OCT (1/2)

Following the announcement of our Swept Source OCT option now available on the U5303A high-speed data acquisition PCIe card , more news about SS-OCT:

System architecture

The SS-OCT system includes a swept source laser, a balanced optical receiver, and a fast and high-resolution data acquisition card (i.e. DAQ or ADC card) that captures the raw OCT signal.

As illustrated in the picture, the U5303A  ADC card acquires both the OCT signal and the K-clock (i.e. MZI-clock). The A-scan acquisitions are triggered by the A-scan trigger. The system provides an optional synchronization input for the B-scan trigger.

After the OCT signal real-time processing in the FPGA, the output data (B-scans) are streamed to the host PC.


Making easier the design of your OCT system

Since the SS-OCT technologies and OEM’s product line are evolving quickly, this solution makes the design of your OCT system simpler, more in control and thus shorter the time-to-market by:

-Minimizing the software development effort

-Drastically reducing the processing load on the PC without the need for an additional processing card

-Managing/compensating the system abnormalities/unwanted effects in the FPGA for optimum performances

-Compensating differences between the K-clock and OCT optical path,  with a programmable delay of +/- 64 ns.

Graphical user interface & development tools

Allowing you to get up and running with starting your OCT development, our SS-OCT solution includes:

-A graphical user interface enabling to control all the programmable features of the digitizer and the dedicated real time OCT processing. It offers different windows displaying raw data, A-scan spectrum, B-scan OCT and C-scan 3-D surface image.

-Project and example for LabVIEW and C++, compatible with Visual Studio Express.

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